Monday, 5 September 2011

Submit & Exhibit 2

Submit & Exhibit 2010

Art in the Underbelly – Submit & Exhibit 2

After the success of 2009’s Submit & Exhibit, which saw submissions from as far afield as Pakistan and the USA, Art in the Underbelly is having its second open submission show, set to open in January 2012. Submissions are sought from artists and creative practitioners and anyone who makes work that they think would fit the space. To see photos of the space, check  or visit our ‘Art in the Underbelly’ Facebook page.

People of all levels of artistic availability are invited to submit, we are most interested in work we like the look of rather than years of experience. We are mainly seeking 2D work but there is some room for small 3D work and work that hangs from ceiling spaces. We are also open to proposals, based upon portfolio submissions, for work that is made directly into areas or walls within the space.
The show will run for 1 month, opening with an evening featuring DJ’s, a live band and a limited edition giveaway. Proposals from performance artists and groups that could take place during the evening are also invited.

All work submitted can be made available for sale, the space takes a 20% commission and all work must be insured by the individual artist. Whilst every effort will be made to keep your work safe and sound, the space will not be held responsible for any damage that occurs to your work. Artists who submit work for the show and are selected may also be offered a solo show in the future, you will be notified if you are chosen for this.

What you need to do to submit your work:
1. Up to 3 images of artwork – on cd, as photographs or prints (no originals please) (submissions can be made by email but images must be no larger than 20cm x 20cm and 72dpi)
2.  A statement about your work with size of original work framed or size of original work if 3D (no work larger than 84cm × 60cm)
3. SAE for return of cd or photographs, if you do not provide this we will not be able to return your bits to you
4. Cheque for the submission fee of £5 for up to 3 images, this can be made by Paypal, please contact us for details. (Submission fee is non-refundable, funds raised go towards additional admin costs and the printing of catalogues and additional promotional materials for the final exhibition, no profit is made from the submission fees)
5. Deadline for submissions is November 30th 2011

Please send submissions to: Art in the Underbelly, Rumsey Wells 4, St. Andrews St, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 4AF or email digital submissions to: