Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Year, New Shows

2011 has arrived and its time for a premature spring clean at Art in the Underbelly and a new set of exhibitions and events. First on the roster is NSAD graduate  Christopher Joyner who will be producing an entirely new body of work for the space, more info on that to follow. Also on the cards is an exhibition from an American photographer whose just moved to Norwich, we are going to be working on a special brief for him that will involve a focus on the people who work and play at the Rumsey culminating in a final show in the Underbelly. More, again, to follow on that. This year we are aiming to build upon the successes of the last six months and to push Art in the Underbelly further forward. You can expect to see the usual quality art, music and DJ's but also more performance based work, extra exploration of the music/art relationship and even more work made directly onto our walls. You'll see more videos of our opening nights and hopefully even some live recordings of the bands who play down here. We are completely open to suggestions about what people would like to see more of, or feedback on what you think we are doing right or wrong. Get in touch at

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